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Benefits of Chia Seeds / 栄養満点のチアシード!!

Its Mayo from ecowrap Byron Bay. I love breads and bake it very often in the previous blog, but I’ve heard that too much gluten is not good for you. I haven’t been research about it but I believe the excess intake of anything is not good for health… So every 3-4 days, I do fruits salad for brekkie instead. Gluten free breakfast!


As I usually eat bread for brekkie, only fruits weren’t enough for me. I shared this problem to my friend and she gave me a great advice. “Add some chia seeds!” パンの朝食からフルーツに変えてもなかなかお腹が満たされない…と悩みを相談したら、そのお友達がマジカルなアドバイスをくれました。『チアシードを足してみたら?』

Do you know anything about chia seeds? It’s a superfood originally come from Aztec and Mayan culture. It is superior to other plant and marine sources of Omega 3 - the essential fatty acid, low in sodium, high in protein, lipids, fibre and antioxidants, fewer carbs than most other grains!!!


The way you add chia seeds to your break fast… first, soak some cha seeds in the water (Chia:Water = 1:5) the night before. チアシードの食べ方ですが、摂取する前の晩に5倍の量の水に浸けておきます。

In the morning, just pour the soaked chia seeds over the fresh fruits. I prefer with yogurt. 朝食の時にフルーツに一晩浸けておいたチアシードをどろっとかけていただきます。ヨーグルトと一緒の方が私は好きです。

Jelly-like texture of chia seeds satisfy your appetite, for sure! チアシードのどろっと感がお腹をいっぱいにしてくれます。

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