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Our policy for shipping cost and refund

- お支払いについて Payment

*お支払いはVISA/Master Card/Paypalをご利用いただけます。お支払い手続き完了後、ご登録のメールアドレス宛てに、「お支払い確認メール」が送信されます。その後、商品の発送準備を開始します。

You can use VISA / Master Card / Paypal for payment. After completing the payment procedure, "payment confirmation e-mail" will be sent to the registered e-mail address. After that, we prepare to ship items.



Please check once more if the correct address has been entered before payment.



Your order will be shipped within 6-10 business days after payment is confirmed.


- 送料 Shipping


*日本、アジア圏内の国(Zone3)への送料は普通郵便(追跡番号なし)$6(0g~130g)、$16(130g~500g未満), 追跡番号を付き$23(何グラムでも)になります。Normal post within Australia   is $3 (up to 190g), registered mail is $5 (up to 50g), $9 (up to 500g), $15(over 500g)

To Japan and other Asian countries in zone 3, normal post is $6 (up to 130g) and $16 (130g to 500g).  Registered mail (regardless of weight) is $23.おおよそSサイズ22g、Mサイズ40g、Lサイズ63gです。

As your reference, Small size is around 22g, Medium size is around 40g and Large size is around 63g.


Zone3の国は以下の通り。 Countries included in Zone 3 are;

India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam 


*その他の国への発送につきましては、 こちらまで、お問い合わせください。

To shipping to other countries, please contact us.



We will bear the difference in case of the shipping fee exceeds the above amount due to the large quantity order.


-発送について About sending

*発送はAustralia post(オーストラリア公共郵便局)を利用いたします。

Our products will be send by Australia Post.



If you require to receive your order with receipt signature, it can be done by additional fee of AU4.99. Please use it when you are worried about missing or misdelivery.



Please note that the delivery period from Australia to Japan normally takes about 2 weeks but it may be delayed from 3 weeks to 1 month.


- 通関について About customs clearance


In the case of mailing to Japan, eco wrap Byron Bay basically has no tariffs. It will not be taxed unless it is under the 16,000yen, but please understand that customers are responsible for paying tariffs.


- 返金と交換 Refund and exchange

商品がお手元に届きの際は、必ず中身のご確認をお願い致します。 もしも万が一、不良品などがございましたら、すみやかにこちらまでご連絡をいただきますよう、お願い申し上げます。 商品の到着後10日以内のご連絡につきましては、対応をさせていただきます。

When your order arrives at your hand, please be sure to check the contents. If by any chance, there are defective items etc, please contact us as soon as possible. We will only deal with the claim within 10 days after the arrival of the item.


eco wrap Byron Bayは一枚一枚丁寧に愛情を込めて手作りしています。 ハンドメイド商品、また自然素材を使用しているため、蜜蝋の色味やサイズ、柄の出方が多少異なることがありますが ご了承くださいませ。

eco wrap Byron Bay carefully and lovingly handcrafted one by one. As our products are all handmade goods and natural materials are used, colour of beeswax, size and the way the prints may differ somewhat, but please acknowledge that.

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